When To Hire A Certified Public Accountant

Have you started work as a freelancer but haven't filed your taxes by yourself before? Learn how an accountant can help handle your finances.

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The Importance of Using An Accountant

When I started working from home as a freelance contractor, I knew that I was going to need to figure out how to file my taxes. I started paying close attention to my expenditures, and I decided to work with a professional to do my taxes. I was really happy that I had decided to work with a professional after filing for the first time. My accountant helped me to write off some of my expenses, and it was great to see how much I was able to save. This blog is all about the importance of using a professional accountant, and how it can help you.


When To Hire A Certified Public Accountant

12 July 2023
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Whether you're running a small business, managing investments, or simply handling personal finances, there comes a time when financial matters may become more complex than you can comfortably navigate on your own. Here are several instances when hiring a certified public accountant (CPA may be helpful.

Starting a Business

As an entrepreneur, the financial decisions made at the outset can have significant implications for the future of your business. A CPA can provide expert advice on business structure, tax planning, financial analysis, and system setup, allowing you to start your venture on solid financial footing.

Growing Your Business

As your business grows, so does its financial complexity. You might be dealing with increased revenue, hiring employees, or expanding operations. A CPA can handle payroll, maintain accurate financial records, conduct audits, assist in budgeting and cash flow management, and advise on growth strategies.

Filing Taxes

While a basic tax return can often be handled independently or with tax software, there are situations where professional assistance is beneficial. 

If you have complex investments, rental properties, self-employment income, or have undergone major life changes such as marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child, a CPA can ensure you're maximizing deductions and staying compliant with tax laws.

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement involves careful financial and tax considerations. A CPA can guide you through the maze of retirement options, helping you understand tax implications, make strategic investment decisions, and establish a solid plan to secure your financial future.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can be complicated and emotionally charged. A CPA can provide invaluable assistance, helping you understand the tax implications of different estate planning strategies, ensuring your assets are distributed according to your wishes, and minimizing the tax burden on your heirs.

Facing Financial Difficulties

If you find yourself in financial trouble, whether personal or business-related, a CPA can provide expert guidance. They can help negotiate with creditors, manage bankruptcy proceedings, or advise on strategies to restore financial stability.

Dealing with an IRS Audit

An IRS audit can be a stressful and daunting experience. A CPA can guide you through the process, prepare the necessary documentation, and represent you in discussions with the IRS, ensuring your interests are protected.

Making Large Financial Decisions

Whether you're buying a home, investing in real estate, planning a large charitable donation, or considering other significant financial decisions, a CPA can provide the expertise to navigate these situations wisely.

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