Have you started work as a freelancer but haven't filed your taxes by yourself before? Learn how an accountant can help handle your finances.

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The Importance of Using An Accountant

When I started working from home as a freelance contractor, I knew that I was going to need to figure out how to file my taxes. I started paying close attention to my expenditures, and I decided to work with a professional to do my taxes. I was really happy that I had decided to work with a professional after filing for the first time. My accountant helped me to write off some of my expenses, and it was great to see how much I was able to save. This blog is all about the importance of using a professional accountant, and how it can help you.


Filing Married: When To File Your Taxes Separately

11 November 2016
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Many people expect tax breaks when they get married—in fact, the tax breaks associated with marriage are often considered to be one practical reason to get married. But being married and filing together isn't always the best choice. Sometimes filing taxes separately could make more sense. One Spouse Has Significantly More Deductions When filing jointly, a married couple has to meet a specific threshold for deductions. In particular, medical costs need to be over 10% of an individual's adjusted gross income to be deductible. Read More …

Need Accounting Help For Your Business? Who To Hire And How To Use Them Wisely

11 October 2016
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If you're a small business owner, you may have been doing a lot of tasks that aren't quite inside your comfort zone. The company accounting is usually one of these jobs that you want to hand off to more experienced hands as soon as possible. But, how can you know who you can afford and who you should hire? Here's a quick guide to getting help with your books. When to Hire a Bookkeeper Read More …

How Can Small Business Managers Put Less Time Into Finances?

30 August 2016
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When you're a small business manager, keeping track of your finances is an important aspect of making sure the ship stays on the right course. But unless you specialize in finance, you might wish to spend more of your time and energy on other business matters. Here are some steps to take so that you can have a tight financial strategy without putting in excessive personal effort.  Hire a Specialist Read More …

Three Things To Discover During The Last Joint Tax Prep Before Divorce

20 July 2016
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If you are separated and are filing for divorce, you still have the option to file as married during your separation. As long as the divorce is not yet finalized, you would be able to file as married filing jointly. If this is your last tax preparation with your soon to be ex-spouse, there is some information that you want to find out and keep with you for the future. Here are some things to go over in the last tax preparation while married. Read More …

2 Tax-Related Accounting Mistakes That Small Businesses Often Make

26 May 2016
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When it comes to running a small business, your accounting books are vitally important. The tiniest of mistakes can throw everything off the rails and impede your business's growth. Mistakes aren't uncommon, though, especially for start-ups. So, to help your new business, here are twp common accounting mistakes that you will want to try to avoid: 1. Failing to Take Care of Accounts Receivable The best part of operating your business is receiving money, but the worst part is tracking the money that you receive. Read More …